Welcome To The Free Market Healthcare PAC.

At FMHC PAC, we understand that the Free Market is the economic model that protects the most important facet of America’s healthcare system; the physician-patient relationship.  It is therefore vital that all stakeholders promote innovation, productivity, and a sense of responsibility in healthcare by protecting the ability of providers to attend to the specialized care each individual patient.


FMHC PAC is continuously scouring the nation to identify those healthcare professionals who stand up for their patients and for their profession in the hopes of making America’s healthcare system the paramount example for the rest of the world.

At FMHC PAC, we are fighting to preserve the most fundamental pillar of America’s healthcare system: the physician-patient relationship.


FMHC PAC firmly believes that medical quality, responsibility, and progress is generally stymied by government intervention and regulation.  Although FMHC PAC understands and acknowledges that there is a role for government in the regulation of medical services and in ensuring safety, that element of our healthcare system should be kept as small and minimally intrusive as possible in order to avoid the deleterious effects of excessive government intervention.

Here’s How You Can Help.

Your health care is arguably the most important commodity you can own.  Please join us in promoting the best and most innovative ideas for our nation’s healthcare system by signing up for our newsletters.  Additionally, please contribute to our political action efforts.
Together, we can protect our nation’s healthcare system from excessive government interference and ensure that uniquely qualified congressional candidates who are willing to fight for your freedom to receive the best medical treatments in the world are elected into office.